Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thoughts? Feelings? Questions?

The final issue of the Helm is finally out! What did you think? Liked it? Hated it? I'd love any feedback anybody wants to send my way, positive or negative. Email me, or post your thoughts, feelings or questions here. Either way.

Here's a sample question--similar to something an actual reader of the Helm might post:

Jim. What the hell were you thinking?
Yours, Don Bumbernicker

And a sample answer to show how I'll probably respond to an actual comment from a real person:

Don, I have no idea.
Yours, Jim

So, go ahead and comment! Don't be shy! I can tell from my Google analytics that at least two people have read this blog and one guy from the Ukraine has looked at it by accident. If those three people were to comment, that would be FOUR comments (including my fake one). Four comments and only one of them fake! That would be something.


Gloria said...

Hey... I liked it! in fact, I was sort of sorry to see the end of the story (though it was nicely wrapped up).

But something tells me it's not the end... Shall we see further adventures of the Matthew the Valhaladrim?

Jim Hardison said...

Hi Gloria,

And thanks for writing! Glad you liked it, although I'm sorry you were sorry--not because I'm sorry you were sorry...I liked that you were sorry it was over, seeing as that implies you want more, but I was sorry you felt sorry. No one should have to feel sorry if they haven't done something wrong. And reading the Helm isn't wrong! At least, not in my book.

I'm hoping you'll see further adventures. I've got outlines for four or five more minis, plus some long range plans on the off chance that I ever get to do another one. You know my motto, the one I stole from the Boy Scouts, "Be Prepared."

Anyway, thanks again for writing.

Gloria said...

Glad to hear that you have in mind plots for further adventures of our favourite nerdy Valhalladrim. Let's hope we'll see more of Mr. Blurdy (and his mom, and his lady-love) soon.

I think that matt's potential as a hero has only been tapped up... I mean, enough with ultra-powered, uber-confident, skin-tight uniformed supers: I like the idea of a hero who would rather spend his time eating chips than training in a danger room (not that his helm will be happy with that, LOL).