Friday, February 27, 2009

Bart Art

Bart Sears just landed some well deserved kudos for his work on the Helm--both on the Ain't It Cool News website.

The first was an @ssie award for Best Cover Artist/Best Cover Art on the cover of the Helm #1. I've always suspected I might be biased in thinking that was a great cover, so it's nice to be validated. You can check out all the winners here:

The second mention was in a review of the Helm trade paper back. AICN did a very nice review of The Helm TPB and The Scream TPB--both penciled by Bart. The review focused heavily but deservedly on Bart's artwork. You can read the entire review here:

So, hats off to you, Bart. The Helm wouldn't be the Helm without you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Fate of the Universe Hangs in the Balance

The fate of the universe hangs in the balance. So now it is time to abuse the massive power of the Helm Blog.

I have been instructed by sinister forces to urge the widest audience possible to follow this link and vote for this cat.

His name is Hank. He is not my cat. But it is absolutely essential that he win this competition if we are to reverse global warming, the current financial melt down and various other bad things. And by the way, he is the gray tabby Hank, not the evil black and white Hank.

With great power comes great abuse. Well, at least half way decent abuse anyway.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Matecumbe redux, the Helm Speaks and the TPB!!

Okay, so first thing is, thanks to everyone who wrote in with the lyrics to the theme song from The Treasure of Matecumbe! But please everyone stop sending them now! Even the Helm's massive servers have been swamped by the volume of responses!

With that out of the way, two bits of news.

First, there's a new page on the Helm Website--The Helm Speaks. Check it out for daily tidbits of wisdom straight from the mouth of the world's only talking helmet that pretty much no one can hear (except Mathew Blurdy).

Second, I have reason to believe that the Helm TPB may be arriving from the printer today! I'll keep you posted, but everyone is so excited here at Helm central that no one can sleep! And also because it's during the middle of the day and they have work to do.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Helm Preview, Google Disappointment and the TV Wasteland

There's a new Helm Preview page up on the Helm Website!

Of course, similar material has been previewed on lots of other sites, but I started feeling like the official website for the comic ought to have a preview.

Apart from that, I was disappointed by Google today when I searched for the lyrics to the theme song from the 1976 Disney TV movie, Treasure of Matecumbe and was unable to find anything. I've got scads of information about the movie, but alas, no lyrics. I suppose I shouldn't be disappointed in Google so much as the whole Internet community. I just feel like somewhere out there, some obsessed someone ought to care enough to have recorded the lyrics and posted them, or better yet, have turned the actual theme song into a digital file and put it up for the world to hear. Sadly, no.

During my search, however, I checked out the other credits of the film's director, Vincent McEveety. That's right Mic-Eve-Eat-Eeeeee. Turns out, this guy directed nearly everything I ever watched on TV as a youth, good or bad. Mostly bad. Star Trek? Check. T.J. Hooker? Check. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? Check. Dallas? Check. Kolchak: The Night Stalker? Check. Wonder Woman? Check! Mannix? Check! The list goes on and on!

Anyway, I will give either an autographed copy of the complete Helm series or a limited edition Helm T-shirt to the first person to email me a correct transcription of the lyrics of the theme song of Treasure of Matecumbe. That's right, the Internet's failing is your potential gain.