Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chewbacca Shocka

Well, Mathew was kind of surprised to find the Chewbacca page getting so many hits! He's not normally used to anyone paying any attention to his artistic endeavors, unless it's his mother, yelling at him because he's playing his Gibson Corvus too loud. The Helm even thought it was a mistake, but the visitors keep coming.

Anyway, Mathew wanted me to post a blog entry to invite anyone who is interested to submit their own ideas for Chewbacca mashups which he will use his clumsy Photoshop skills to try to realize to the degree he thinks they're funny. He'll even list your name if it was your idea. Just post a comment to this blog entry with your suggestion.

He also wanted me to remind everyone that he is still busily working on his rock-opera/concept album Master Beastie .



Susan said...

Is Count Chewbaccula on your list? How about Abaccaham Lincoln? Perhaps the Mona Chewbona Lisa? Or a Chewcasso?

Jim Hardison said...

These are awesome! I will put them on the list.