Thursday, October 21, 2010

SOLD OUT! Oh, and Top Hats too.

I just found out that the first print run of the Helm has official SOLD OUT! A second print run is in the works at Dark Horse and should be hitting shelves soon. So now I can officially say that the Helm is entering its second American printing and about to enter its first French printing. In fact, I have already said that, not just in the preceding sentence, but on the first page of the Helm website! There's some self promotion for you!

In other news, Halloween is coming up and I still don't know what I'm going to be. Last year, I was Abe Lincoln, but I don't think I can do Abe two years running. I also don't want to be a Ringmaster again. Maybe I'll be Sir Topham Hatt.

Do you see a theme there? A connecting element? That's right, I'm a man who owns a collapsible silk Top Hat, which enables me to play any character known for having a silk top hat. But I am getting tired of hat based costumes. Maybe I'll have to think outside the hat this year. I'll keep you posted as the event draws closer.


Flashman85 said...

If you're looking for something truly outrageous, there's a boss in the video game Mega Man & Bass called Magic Man, who not only sports a fine top hat, but also an absurd array of not-likely-to-be-executed-well-in-real-life costume parts.

Jim Hardison said...

Thanks for the tip, Flashman85!