Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Hair Has It

Some time back, I wrote a blog entry about helmet hair, partly because of my deep and abiding interest in helmet hair, but also because I had read that the most searched topic on the Internet was hair and I thought I should cash in on that gem of insight with an entry about hair.

Well, as it turns out, I was just looking through some analytics about the Helm site and discovered that my most viewed blog entry is the one about helmet hair. By a significant amount.

So, I guess I have to write about hair a bit more often. Like Mathew's thick, luxurious, golden locks. Okay, maybe they are more thin, greasy and dishwater blond, but that's beside the point. The point is that, for some reason, many of the people who use the Internet are very interested in hair. This leads me to wonder whether it might be highly lucrative to create a comic book where the main character is a hairdo.

Oh! I know, I'll continue that story I've been working on for years about the bald guy who has the space-alien living with him as his toupee. Mint Toupee! Of course, why didn't I think of it before. That way I can continue my illicit love affair with comics while still catering to the interests of the hair-obsessed! Here's the plot. The main guy, Mint, is just a regular guy who has terminal brain cancer that has caused all of his hair to fall out and ruined what's left of his life. Then, this alien crashes its spacecraft in the woods just as Mint is getting ready to kill himself. The alien comes from a planet where the dominant species look like human hairdos. So, the alien ejects itself from its crashing ship and parachutes down and lands right on Mint's head just as he pulls the trigger of the gun in his mouth. The Toupee, whom I was thinking of calling "Toupee" saves Mint's life and strikes up a symbiotic relationship with him. It gets to travel around on Mint's head, completely disguised as his hair while he gets a reprieve from his cancer, extra cool alien powers and a luxurious head of hair that communicates with him psychically and can beat the crap out of bad guys. Together, the two fight both human villains and stave off attempted invasions by various evil space-aliens that Toupee is aware of. And there is much hilarity when love interests try to stroke Mint's gorgeous hair.

Anyway, that's the idea in a nutshell. Mint Toupee. You heard it here first--I'm sure it will be coming soon to a comic shop near you... I guess I'd better call my editor. He's going to want first crack at this thing for sure--especially when I wow him with the demographics about the Internet hair obsessed.

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