Monday, December 20, 2010

The 2nd Edition is Coming!!

That's right! The second printing of the Helm is due in stores by the end of February! Just on time for right after the holidays!

Wait... what? Just on time for right after the holidays? Yes. Sorry about that.

I know, from the vast number of letters that arrive at Helm-central every day, that there are vast masses of people out there who were planning to give the gift of The Helm as part of their various denominational and non-denominational holiday celebrations. These vast numbers of people will have to resort to the new and used issues available on Amazon or any other hold-out copies floating around at comic book shops across the nation and the world. In fact, I have noted that there's a new copy now being offered for $79.00 on Amazon.

So, here is my suggestion: give promissory notes.

Vast Masses, if you were intending to give a new copy of The Helm as a gift before the end of the year, make attractive cards containing vouchers for copies of the Helm to be redeemed at the end of February! In fact, you can go on line to the official Helm website at and download some cool Helm related images and use them to make your cards and vouchers super attractive and official looking!

Because we care.

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